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Mike and Granny

Mike and Granny are well known throughout the sporting clay industry and provide services and products to the serious competition shooter as well as the weekend recreational shooters. We have spent 14 years following the sporting clay circuit in the South East region and have developed a reputation for competent, timely and friendly service for our customers.

Mike offers gunsmithing services including: shotgun fitting, stock alterations general service and rebuilds and advice on how to improve your game. Granny is the expert on ESP hearing protection and Oakley and Pilla shooting glasses, She is the "smiling face" of the business.


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Call Mike (704) 798-5150 or email mike@pmsfirearms.com.

For ESP Electronics or Custom Ear Molds,
Pilla Sports Optics, and Oakley Shooting Glasses
Contact Granny at (704) 798-5149 or email granny@pmsfirearms.com

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