PILLA Shooting Glasses

Pilla - Hawk Sport Line (Ballistx) 3 Lens Set.

Pilla – Hawk Sport Line (Ballistx) 3 Lens Set

    Changing lenses is a snap with the Hawk. Pilla's patented 'Snap Tec System' allows a shooter to quickly respond to changes in lighting conditions by swapping lenses in literally just a matter of seconds. A minimal nose is used to provide superior performance. Additionally, the amount of lens above the nose offers a window for vision. The Hawk features a supple, silicone, Crystal nose for minimal visual interference.



  • The Pilla Hawk Sport Line is supplied with 3 interchangeable HD Ballistx lenses - high definition lens technology that amplifies and enhances colour while boosting contrast. The 3 lenses are 25SB (full sun), 50SR (overcast conditions) and 75SO (low light). The small, adjustable nose piece does not interfere with vision. 100% distortion-free, high definition, colour enhancing and bullet proof lenses. Lenses can be changed in seconds with Pilla's patented 'Snap Tec System'.

  • Supplied with microfibre soft carry pouch and a premium quality Pilla branded hard case with microfibre cleaning cloth.