PILLA Shooting Glasses

The Panther system was originally designed for shooting legend George
Digweed, and is the #1 competitive frame in the world.

Pilla – Panther Pro Post or No Post

  • #1 Competitive Frame in the World.
  • Utilizes “Snap Tec System”.
  • Includes “Ratch-Tec System”

  • It is designed to eliminate visual interruption of the site picture, employing a minimal nose piece to maximize the window of peripheral vision. It utilizes our proprietary "Snap Tec System," which is the fastest lens changing system on the market, allowing athletes to swap lenses in seconds. It also includes our proprietary "Ratch-Tec System" which allows for fully adjustable temple arms. The wrap around ear piece eliminates movement during usage, and its rubber construction removes discomfort.



  • Hybrid Snap Tec/Lens Anchor technology: Quickly respond to changes in lighting conditions by swapping lenses in seconds. The system utilizes both Snap-Tec and Lens Anchor Technology for added security.

  • Carbon Fiber Fork Temple Arm: Unique fork design provides even distribution of weight, and is comprised of soft-molded rubber tips for added comfort.

  • Extremely Light Weight Tracer Frame: Weight less than 1 oz, it provides strength to the overall product with minimal weight and visual interruption.

  • Vented Rubber Sweat Bar: Designed to circulate air around the lens while keeping the backside of the lens off the forehead to reduce smudging.

  • Frame: Carbon Fiber and Super-Thin Galvanized Metal Nose Piece: Crystal Saddle