PILLA Shooting Glasses

Pilla - HD SPEX BALLISTX Sebring 6 G2

Pilla - HD SPEX BALLISTX Sebring 6 G2

    Changing lenses is a snap with the Hawk. Pilla's patented 'Snap Tec 2 different Second hand set with each 6 different lenses.

    1 special kit with the following lenses: V25,V65,25R,50R,85G and 99 clear
    1 normal kit with the following lenses: 15,25,40,55,20M,65M

    Maximize Eye Performance, Minimize Eye Fatigue
    Highest Impact Resistance on the Market
    Our lens science, made from a bullet-proof lens material, is used by more World Champion shotgun shooters than any other brand. Shooting Sports athletes require the most visually accurate lens technologies available to perform at their maximum potential. Seeing better means performing better. Pilla is worn by 28 of the top 30 professional sporting clays shooters in the world. Our lens technologies provide athletes with an unfair advantage.

    Pilla Light Management Technology: The key to our lens technology is based on regulation of the proper amount of light into the eye while harnessing our high definition color enhancement technology for maximum athletic performance. Regulation of light into the eye for sport is critical and often neglected by professionals. When too much light is delivered to the eye the result is a necessity to squint or retard the light. This reaction has two significant effects on eye performance and ultimately on the athlete;

    1. Eye fatigue
    2. Lack of focal ability of the eye

    These are two significant issues in sport performance. Eye fatigue is a key contributor to the loss of crisp eye/hand coordination. When the eye is strained through either squinting to reduce bright light into the eye or straining for light meaning not enough light passing through to the eye, the result is a quick loss of focus and sharp vision. This continual flexing of the eye muscle to constantly regulate light accelerates eye fatigue. This loss of crisp visual performance reduces the ability to have perfect hand eye coordination. This reduction in performance happens in advance of physical fatigue and can be managed through the proper use of our light management system.

    The potential reduction of eye performance in sport is not acceptable to an athlete. An athlete diligently works on training for endurance, stamina, strength, and routinely trains for perfection in their chosen passion through practice. This commitment to performance is compromised all to often by neglecting eye potential. Pilla is committed to providing athletes with technical solutions for maximum performance of the eye. We have developed very specific lens formulations for application to your passion.


  • Ballistx is extremely light compared to other available lens materials. Ballistx is 20% lighter than CR-39 and 10% lighter than polycarbonate.


  • Ballistx has Superior Optics. Ballistx has lower refractive index, internal stress and chromatic dispersion than polycarbonate, resulting in sharper images, higher definition, reduced rainbowing, and more visual comfort.

    Anti Scratch

  • Ballistx has superior anti-scratch properties. Ballistx lenses feature a superior Quartz scratch-resistant antistatic coating, which doesn't attract dust.

    Light Weight

  • Ballistx is extremely light compared to other available lens materials. Ballistx is 20% lighter than CR-39 and 10% lighter than polycarbonate.